I learnt about Dubai from pictures on internet fifteen years ago. Modern and luxurious architecture amazed me. I researched a little more about the place. I got surprised. It was a small tribal town only a century ago. My dream was to see the place one day with my own eyes.

The opportunity to visit Dubai came up this year. One of my friends lives there and he invited me and my wife to come and check it out. It didn’t take us too long. In a month after the invite, we boarded plane and departed to the far away land.

Dubai didn’t disappoint me. It’s a modern megapolis. It has a lot of incredible skyscrapers and landmarks. Wide and lit highways. Many different cuisines and excellent customer service. It’s a city of international tourism and business.

How was it able to develop so much? There are many explanations to this. The obvious ones would be natural resources (oil) and free trade. That’s said, other places have oil as well but cannot compare with the emirate.

Well, maybe, I found one more explanation. One day we were visiting Dubai Frame landmark. The landmark is the world largest picture frame. You can see either old Dubai (Dubai creek) or new Dubai (Burj Khalifa) through its void. A several posters next to the frame attracted my attention . Turns out the posters listed 10 principles of Dubai’s government. Why principles are an explanation? Because principles influence behaviours and behaviors create outcomes. I took photos of the principles so I and you can use it for a reference later. Here they are.

Serve people, Don’t worship a chair

Have a plan, Monitor yourself

Make your work team, Innovate or withdraw

Communicate, Always have competition

Create leaders, Change lives



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